Trump Threatens Democrats With Government Shut Down Unless They Pay For His Wall

Trump tried to tweet tough by threatening a government shutdown before the midterms unless Democrats pay for his wall, but the problem is that any Trump driven shutdown would seal the deal on a Democratic midterm victory.

Trump made it clear that he wants Democrats to pay for his wall, or else:

Trump is running out of time to get his wall

Trump’s threat can be viewed as another empty ploy to rile up his base, but it is also a sign that he is running out of time and opportunities to get funding for his wall. With a Democratic House takeover looking more and more likely by the day, and the 2020 presidential election just around the corner, the wall that Trump promised that Mexico would be pay for is not close to becoming a reality.

The wall is never going to happen if Democrats win back all or part of Congress because the Democrats are holding Trump to his promise that Mexico will pay for the wall. Democrats have told Trump no on the wall since he took office.

Trump has tried numerous schemes to try to get Democrats to pay for the wall. None have worked because Trump campaigned on Mexico paying for the wall, and he needs to be held to that promise.

If Trump shuts down the government, it will be a disaster for Republicans. Government shutdowns are never popular, and the party in control of Congress always takes the blame.

The wall isn’t coming, but if Trump shuts down the government, a Democratic Congress is.

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