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The Trump Administration Lost Hundreds Of Parents Before Reunifying Them With Their Children

The Trump administration “lost several hundred parents” during the court-ordered process of reunifying hundreds of migrants families separated at the border.

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“The government is at fault for losing several hundred parents in the process and that’s where we go next,” said U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw, according to The Hill.

“Each (department) was like its own stovepipe, each had its own boss, and they did not communicate,” he added, according to the report. “What was lost in the process was the family.”

More from The Hill:

Sabraw faulted the government’s lack of a plan to reunify families when the detainment program began as a key reason for the delay in family reunifications. The Trump administration faced Thursday a court order to reunify the remaining families.

More than 1,800 children had been reunited with their parents by Friday, the government said, but reported that hundreds more were deemed “ineligible” for family reunification. As many as 400 of the 711 children still detained may have had their parents deported already, CBS News reported.

Trump caused a crisis on the border – and he’s unable to clean it up

Trump’s extremist immigration policies were successful during the campaign among angry white voters who were looking for a punching bag, but they have been an unmitigated disaster when implemented.

Despite hundreds of families being reunified as part of a court-ordered deadline, CNN notes that “one in three children still remained away from their parents, with no clear indication when they would be reunited.”

Donald Trump has created a mess on the border. Not only is he unable and unwilling to adequately clean it up, but hundreds of families have been permanently damaged in the process.

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