Sen. Richard Blumenthal Thanks Rudy Giuliani For Proving That Don Jr. Committed Perjury

Sen. Richard Blumenthal said that Rudy Giuliani’s bizarre interviews on Monday indicate that Donald Trump Jr. lied under oath during his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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According to Blumenthal, Giuliani’s talk of a second meeting – a strategy session that took place two days before the big Trump Tower Russia meeting – contradicts what Trump Jr. testified under oath, showing that the president’s son may have committed perjury.

“All this talk about a second meeting is truly damning,” the Connecticut senator said in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.


Sen. Blumenthal said:

All this talk about a second meeting is truly damning because if you take Donald Trump Jr.’s testimony before the judiciary committee, essentially, this contradicts him. It could lead him to be in danger of perjury. And clearly, he has failed to be to be truthful.

Trump’s legal defense is crumbling

The more Trump’s legal team – aka the hapless Rudy Giuliani – tries to defend the president, the more trouble they find themselves in.

It was bad enough that senior officials in the Trump campaign met a group of Russians at Trump Tower in 2016 in order to obtain damning Hillary Clinton intel.

It became worse last week when it was revealed that the president’s former personal lawyer Michel Cohen is willing to testify to Robert Mueller that Trump knew of – and gave the green light to – the meeting.

Now, with talk of a second meeting coming to the fore thanks to the former New York City mayor’s bizarre interviews this morning, not only does the infamous Trump Tower meeting seem even more pre-meditated, but it puts Donald Trump Jr. on the hook for committing perjury.

For the majority of the country that wants to see Donald Trump and his team of crooks held accountable for their potential crimes, Rudy Giuliani is the gift that keeps on giving.

Please keep talking, Mr. Mayor.

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