Former US Attorney Predicts Charges Against Trump’s Campaign For Russia Conspiracy

Former US Attorney Chuck Rosenberg made an educated guess that the pieces are there to charge a person or people in Trump’s campaign for conspiring with Russia.


Rosenberg said, “It is an educated guess. I hope it’s a well-educated guess, Nicolle, but there are bits and pieces in the public record that suggest that it wasn’t just Russians. The timing of the president’s statements in Doral, Florida, are urging the Russians to go find the missing e-mails, or hack into the DNC computers. All of that is tied to Russian activity that Mr. Mueller recently charged when he brought a case against the Russian intelligence officers, so I think that is enough. I think there are other calculations like whether Mr. Mueller believes he has the authority to charge a sitting president. There is some debate on that point. The Department of Justice has weighed in on it in the past and has opined that you cannot. I think the pieces are there.”

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Rosenberg was correct. The last set of Mueller indictments against the Russians only covered half of the conspiracy. The other shoe that Republicans and the Trumps are so afraid of has yet to drop. There had to have been American cooperation. There is a reason why Mueller is investigating Trump’s tweets and his request to the Russians for them to go get Hillary Clinton’s emails. There is also a reason why Trump invented a cover story for his son about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians.

The Special Counsel investigation is signaling that they are building a conspiracy case. Collusion is a form of conspiracy. Trump and his lawyers never mention the word conspiracy, because that is the real crime. Conspiracy indictments are coming. The only unknown is who will be charged.

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