Networks Ignore Trump Florida Rally As He Brags About The Number of Cameras Present

Every network but Fox News refused to cover his Florida rally, but Trump is so detached from reality that he thinks that the TV networks can’t get enough of him.


Trump said, “Fake news. Fake news. They are fake. Do you believe — look at this, every night it’s the same thing. Wouldn’t you think they would get tired of the speeches? Wouldn’t you think? And here’s one thing I will tell you. If they don’t get ratings, those speeches don’t go on, doesn’t matter. Look how many they have back there. They just can’t get enough. They can’t get enough. They cannot get enough.”

It is important to point out that the television networks have had more than enough of Trump’s rallies. Every network with the exception of Fox News, no longer covers his rallies live. The percentage of live coverage that Trump’s rallies have been getting has been steadily decreasing, as there has been a growing consensus among journalists and newsrooms that the president’s rallies aren’t newsworthy.

Trump said it best himself. It is the same thing every night, which is why the networks outside of state-run TV Fox News have stopped broadcasting them. Trump’s rallies are the same greatest hits package of fake news, build the wall, lies about Democrats, immigrant bashing, and attacks related to the Russia investigation that everyone has heard one hundred times or more.

Donald Trump has nothing new to say. His rallies are extended ranting sessions that are never newsworthy in their entirety. Networks monitor Trump’s rallies in case he says something worth reporting, but Trump’s claim that the television networks can’t enough is another delusion from the mind of a man who has never really left the 2016 election behind.

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