Trump Rally Mob Threatens Reporters As CNN’s Jim Acosta Warns That Someone Is Going To Get Hurt

CNN’s Jim Acosta shot video of the crowd at Trump’s Tampa FL, behaving like a mob and threatening the press as the hate that Trump has whipped up looks likely to get someone hurt.

Acosta tweeted:

The press is not the enemy, but to a president who is more interested in saving himself from impeachment, any critic, or person who pursues the facts is an enemy. Trump has done something that is especially devious. He has turned his enemies real or imagined, into the enemy. Donald Trump may view the press, as he views Robert Mueller and the FBI, as his enemy, but these institutions are not the enemy of the American people.

The FBI protects the American people. The press holds power accountable and informs the people.

A president who tries to destroy these valuable institutions is the real enemy.

It is only a matter of time until the various scandals that are consuming Trump’s presidency force him to grow even more desperate. A rally crowd could easily be turned into a mob, and that mob could be inspired to act violently toward reporters who are only there to do their jobs.

The danger is real. The threat is ominous, but those who are committed to truth and bringing the light of truth to the people won’t be deterred by thuggery, no matter how ugly it becomes.

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