Trump Tells Republicans That He Doesn’t Care About Losing Congress Over Government Shutdown

Trump blasted out a series of tweets that made it clear that he doesn’t care about losing Congress. He wants to shut down the government to get his wall.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is trying to save his skin by going all in on immigration

Trump was referring to the midterm election when he said that he doesn’t care what the political ramifications are. These tweets were Trump telling Republicans in Congress that he doesn’t care if they lose their seats. He wants a government shutdown because he thinks that Democrats will cave to his immigration demands if the government is closed down.

Republicans tried to play this game for years with Obama, and each time Democrats didn’t bend or break. Trump thinks that he can bully Democrats into paying for his wall. It’s never going to happen. The only people who will be hurt by a government shutdown are Republicans in Congress and Trump. Nobody is going to blame the Democrats, because Republicans are in charge.

A subplot to this ploy is that Trump is trying to use immigration to distract from the Cohen/Russia scandals and keep his base in line. Trump is going to use immigration as the main issue for his reelection campaign, so he thinks that he needs to plant those seeds to keep his followers in line as Cohen and Mueller bombs drop on a regular basis.

Trump doesn’t care what happens to Republicans. He is only out for Trump. Any Republicans who hitched their wagon to this president is about to get thrown off the cliff.

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