Democrats Hit Trump In The Wallet By Demanding Investigation Into His Taxpayer Funded Scotland Golf Course Stay

A group of Senate and House Democrats led by Sens. Tom Carper, Elizabeth Warren, and Rep. Elijah Cummings have sent a letter to the Inspector General at the Department of Homeland Security asking for information on taxpayer-funded travel related to Trump’s stay at his Scotland golf club.

Sen. Tom Carper tweeted the letter:

The letter:

Democrats Aren’t Going to Allow Trump To Line His Pockets With Taxpayer Cash

The country is less than 100 days from a midterm election. If Democrats take back all or part of Congress, they have consistently signaled that they are going to target Trump’s excessive spending and graft. Since the House controls the purse strings, they will be able to turn the faucet off on Trump’s habit of excessively charging the Secret Service to stay at his own properties. There already exists proposed legislation that would ban the federal government from spending money at Trump properties.

Democrats are coming after Trump corruption, and that will mean that if the blue wave becomes a reality, the days of Trump getting kickbacks for staying at his own properties will come to an end.

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