Rudy Giuliani Invents A New Defense That Is Going To Get Trump Impeached

Rudy Giuliani told the media that if Trump wanted to obstruct justice, he legally could, which is not true.


Giuliani said, “If he wanted to obstruct it, he’d obstruct it. He could just end it. Then you’d all battle whether he has the legal right to do that which I think he does but he’s not going to do that. He’s made it clear he wants it to run its course. But on the other hand, he is a person with a first amendment right to defend himself, first amendment right to express his opinion, and as a president, it is even more important that he express his opinion because these kinds of allegations can do damage to the country, not just to the president. And if he believes he’s innocent and he is innocent, he should speak out.”

Giuliani is going to get Trump impeached

The theory that Rudy Giuliani is pushing is that the President Of The United States is more of a divine king than a president. Giuliani is suggesting that it is legal for Trump to obstruct justice because the president is above the law.

The Supreme Court has ruled both that the president can be sued in civil court and that a president is not above the law. Whether or not a sitting president can be charged with a crime remains an open question, but presidents by constitutional definition are not kings, nor are they above the law. If this is going to be Trump’s legal defense, it is going to get him impeached.

Rudy Giuliani is floating the world’s worst legal advice, and if this is the leg that Trump chooses to stand on, he is going to get himself tossed out of office.

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