The Press Just Confronted Sarah Sanders About Trump Using Twitter To Obstruct Justice

Sarah Sanders got confronted by reporters at the White House briefing for Trump using his Twitter account to obstruct justice.


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Q: Federal law says that any threatening letter or communication aim at impeding a federal investigation constitutes an obstruction of justice. Rudy Giuliani issued a statement saying he does not think this morning’s tweet is obstruction because the president says Sessions should stop the Mueller probe, rather than ordering him to halt it. You echoed that reasoning before. What I want to know is Rudy Giuliani the one giving the president legal advice on his tweets and does that statement reflect the opinions of the president’s legal team?

Sanders: The president is not obstructing. He’s fighting back The president is stating his opinion. He’s stating it clearly and expressing the frustration that he has with the level of corruption that we have seen from people like Jim Comey and Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe. There is a reason why the president is angry, and frankly, most of America is angry as well. There is no reason he should not be able to voice that opinion.

Trump is not a private citizen. He is the President Of The United States and the subject of a criminal investigation that he tried to pressure his attorney general into ending on Twitter. Whether Trump’s tweet reaches the level of obstruction of justice is something for the Special Counsel to decide, but the tweet was more than an opinion.

The press is confronting Sarah Sanders over Trump’s use of Twitter as it relates to the Russia investigation, and Sanders couldn’t offer up a convincing answer other than the president is entitled to his own opinion, which isn’t accurate, when the president is publicly making statements that are intended to interfere with an investigation.

Trump is doing all that he can to impede the Mueller investigation. The press is calling the White House out on it, and Sarah Sanders chose to play to an audience of one instead of being straight with the American people.

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