Jaws Drop As Key Dem Calls Trump-Russia Conspiracy Worse Than Watergate


Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, turned heads on Wednesday as he called the Trump-Russia scandal worse than Watergate.

“This is more important than Watergate and more complicated,” the Illinois Democrat said, clearly stunning MSNBC host Chris Hayes.

As the basis for his statement, Rep. Quigley pointed to the fact that the current president’s 2016 campaign worked with a foreign adversary – Russia – to wage an attack on the U.S. elections.



Rep. Quigley said:

I’m on the Intel committee and all I can tell them is that we are doing the very best we can given the fact that the Republicans shut down their side of the investigation. I think most people recognize it for what it is. This is more important than Watergate and more complicated. … Because it involves a foreign adversary and the real possibility that our president conspired with them to attack our Democratic process.

Russiagate is worse than Watergate

As Rep. Quigley pointed out on Wednesday, the reason the Trump-Russia conspiracy is worse than Watergate is pretty straightforward.

The current President of the United States didn’t just potentially break the law to win the election. He and his campaign may have conspired with a Russian adversary in the process.

In short: A foreign attack on American democracy was aided and abetted by the campaign of the man now occupying the Oval Office. And his behavior since assuming the most powerful position in the world

Um, yeah, that’s a bigger deal than Watergate. If only Republicans – safely insulated in their Fox News echo chamber – would treat it as such.