Former Congresswoman Calls Trump A Coward And A Wimp Who Fears Mueller

Former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman (D-NY) said that Donald Trump is a coward who will never sit down with Robert Mueller because he is afraid.


Holtzman said, “I happen to think Donald Trump has no intention whatsoever of going before the special prosecutor because Donald Trump happens to be-be a coward. You saw him right next to Putin. This is the great tough man? This is America? No, he was a wimp. He’s not going in there. He doesn’t want to be prosecuted. He’s very concerned that he might not tell the truth because he hasn’t and we know he falsified a statement about the trump tower meeting. So I think that aga — however you pronounce his name. Or others are likely to come forward here. Mueller’s not finished with this investigation. I think one of the really outrageous things is we have a trial. The president is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States. His comments could be affecting the trial. The attack on the special prosecutor. The attack on his investigations.”

Trump ran as some sort of a big tough who would stand up to people, but all the country has seen is Trump caving, bowing, and flip-flopping. Trump caves to the special interests. The president bows to America’s enemies like Putin, and he flip-flops daily on the issues.

Donald Trump has no spine, so, of course, he is never going to sit down and go one on one with Mueller for an interview because he is afraid. Trump fears getting impeached, removed from office and thrown into prison.

Trump is a bully who threatens those who has power over, but he is a wimp who won’t stand up to threats or have the back of his own country. Trump’s fear of Mueller is showing the country that this he is a coward who will do anything to protect himself.

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