The NRA May Have To Shut Down NRATV Because They Can’t Get Insurance

The NRA has been unable to renew their media liability insurance because they are a reputational risk which means that they may have to close down NRA TV.

The Trace reported:
In the complaint, entered July 20 and first reported by the New York Law Journal, the NRA claims it has lost income and access to banking services as a result of the state’s actions. One of the more dramatic impacts of Cuomo’s push: The NRA says it has not been able to renew its media liability insurance. If the group cannot secure a policy soon, it could be forced to shutter its multimillion-dollar television network, NRATV, or a number of its print publications, the complaint reads. The NRA also says that, without insurance, it “cannot maintain its physical premises” or “convene off-site meetings and events.”


“Defendants’ concerted efforts to stifle the NRA’s freedom of speech and to retaliate against the NRA based on its viewpoints are causing other insurance, banking, and financial institutions doing business with the NRA … to rethink their mutually beneficial business relationships with the NRA for fear of monetary sanctions or expensive public investigations,” the complaint reads.

The NRA is suing the state of New York because Gov. Andrew Cuomo has taken action to pressure banks and insurance companies not to do business with the gun lobby. As a result, the NRA can’t obtain media liability insurance because they are increasingly viewed as a reputational risk, which means that the likelihood that someone sues NRATV is high enough that insurance companies don’t want to touch them.


The NRA is weakening

Cuomo’s actions show that is possible to take on the NRA and weaken them. The organization is not as strong as their reputation and their own propaganda suggests. The NRA is already under federal investigation for potentially laundering Russian money for the Trump campaign in 2016, and the response of the Parkland High School has placed the NRA on the defense and turned the tide of the gun regulation discussion against them.

The NRA is starting to crumble and not even Putin’s cash may be able to save them.


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