Rep. Ted Lieu Warns That The Walls Are Closing In On Trump As Criminal Tax Fraud Looms

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber that the walls are closing in on Trump as besides the Russia and Cohen investigations, the president could be facing issues with criminal tax fraud over the Trump Foundation.


Rep. Lieu said, “The walls are closing in on the president, you have the Manafort trial going on, you’ve got Cohen with the tape and him potentially flipping. You also have a separate state investigation into the Trump Foundation which could lead to criminal tax fraud issues. That’s why we’re seeing an increasing number of angry tweets by the president. When he goes out and tells his attorney general to shut down the Mueller investigation, that’s obstruction of justice. And just because he does it in full public view doesn’t mean it’s not obstruction.”

When Ari Melber asked Lieu why Trump keeps doing incriminating things, the Congressman from California said, “I think the president just doesn’t care what the law is. To him it doesn’t matter if you publicly obstruct justice — we saw this happen when he fired James Comey, then went on TV a few days later and said the one thing his attorneys would have told him never to say, which is he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation. I think the president does not care. That’s why we need to hold him accountable, flip the house in November.”

The Trump Scandals Are Converging

Rep. Ted Lieu brought up a great point. It isn’t just one scandal that is causing Trump headaches. It is at least three major scandals. The Russia probe, the Cohen investigation, and the Trump Foundation are all coming together at the same time to pin down this president. It isn’t Trump versus Mueller. The situation is Trump versus Mueller versus Cohen versus the state of New York.

The one common thread that each of these investigations has in common is decades of corrupt and or criminal behavior by Trump.

The walls are closing in which is why all Trump can do is scream ‘hoax’ and ‘witch hunt’ at his base while he clings on to presidential power that is slipping away by the day.

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