Trump Bear Hugs Jim Jordan And Touts His Wrestling Skills While Ignoring OSU Sex Abuse Scandal

Donald Trump brought Rep. Jim Jordan on stage during his Ohio rally on Saturday, bear hugging him and ignoring the sex abuse scandal currently swirling over the GOP congressman.

In fact, not only did Trump ignore Jordan’s disturbing past as an Ohio State University assistant wrestling coach, but the tone-deaf president bragged about Jordan’s wrestling skills.

“There’s a brave, tough cookie,” Trump said. “I don’t want to wrestle him. He’s tough.”


Trump’s embrace of Jordan and his awkward line about his wrestling skills comes at a time when the Ohio Republican is mired in a sex abuse scandal.

According to former OSU wrestlers, Jordan knew that team doctor Richard Strauss was sexually abusing athletes. Instead of taking appropriate action, Jordan – then the assistant wrestling coach – ignored it.

To make matters worse, Jordan has been putting pressure on the former wrestlers and ex-head coach to reverse the allegations against him as he seeks to become the next Speaker of the House.

The former OSU athletes haven’t budged, claiming there was no way Jordan didn’t know about the doctor’s misconduct.

Trump and Jordan are two peas in a pod

Of course, it’s no surprise that Donald Trump would embrace a man like Jim Jordan – and not just because the GOP congressman has been one of his staunchest defenders in Congress.

After all, Trump has his own history of sexual abuse allegations. He even admitted to such conduct in the infamous Access Hollywood tape released during the 2016 campaign.

To a known womanizer like Donald Trump, there is likely nobody he would respect than Jim Jordan, a man who looks the other way.