Malcolm Nance Doesn’t Hold Back: Trump Is A Kremlin Agent Covering For Russia

Counterterrorism expert Malcolm Nance didn’t hold back on Saturday, saying plainly that Donald Trump was put in the White House by Russia and now he’s essentially an agent of the Kremlin.

In a panel discussion on AM Joy, Nance said Russia will never be deterred from carrying out cyber attacks against U.S. election as long as Trump is in charge.

“They now have a working partner in the President of the United States,” he said.  “Whatever [Trump’s] oath is sworn to, it is not sworn to the Constitution of the United States.”


Nance said:

Russia has never been deterred. They put a man into the White House. Let’s just say that bluntly here, okay? They now have a working partner in the President of the United States. He is covering for their activities and that the national security establishment had to come out and do a cover-your-butt press conference just before this, shows the ineffectiveness that they have.  The president will not lead on this. Whatever his oath is sworn to, it is not sworn to the Constitution of the United States. 

Russia will not be deterred with Trump in the White House

With Donald Trump as commander-in-chief, the Russians will never be deterred from launching future cyber attacks on U.S. democracy. After all, the last successful attack from Moscow put Trump in the White House.

Career officials in the intelligence and national security apparatus can organize as many pre-election press conferences as they want before the 2018 election to discuss the ongoing and active threat from Russia.

But with Trump constantly undermining and contradicting the rhetoric and actions of his own administration officials, Russia will not be deterred.

That’s a dangerous position for the United States to be in with three months until the midterm elections.