Republicans Refuse To Agree Not To Use Info From Russian Attack In 2018 election

Rep. Adam Schiff said that Republicans have refused to agree with Democrats not to use any information that they may gain from Russian attacks in the 2018 election.


Transcript via CBS’ Face The Nation:

BRENNAN: And you are talking about Microsoft disclosing that.

I also want to ask you about what the special counsel disclosed a few weeks back, where, in that filing, he mentioned that there were congressional candidates, at least one of them, who was requesting help from Guccifer, which has been linked, of course, by the special counsel to the Russian meddling effort.

Do you have any indication who that congressional candidate was or if they are currently in Congress?

SCHIFF: Well, I can only talk about the public reporting.

And there certainly was a lot of public reporting about Russian hacking involving Florida candidates for Congress and Florida incumbents. And, of course, this is a great concern in terms of the midterms. They not only hacked the DNC, but they hacked the DCCC two years ago.

We tried to get the Republican Campaign Committee to agree that, if a foreign power intervened, as they did in 2016, that we would reject it, that neither party would exploit it. We weren’t able to get that agreement from the GOP in 2016.

We really need to develop that kind of national consensus for the midterms, that no matter who a foreign power may intervene on behalf of, both parties have to agree not to exploit it. And I think one of the chief impediments to getting to that agreement is the president of the United States.

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Republicans Who Don’t Agree Not To Use Info Gained From A Russian Attack Are Betraying Their Country

This is not complicated. If Republicans refuse to agree not to use the information they may gain from a hostile foreign actor’s attack on America, they are coopering with an enemy of the United States, which makes them an enemy of the US.

Schiff’s statement that we are less than 100 days away from a midterm election and Republicans still refuse to present a united front against Russia is telling. The only way that the American people are going to secure their democracy is if they elect a Democratic Congress in November.

The situation is worse than Republicans doing nothing while Russia attacks America. Republicans are doing nothing and willing to benefit from the attacks.

Anyone who loves their country must take a stand against the Republican collaboration with Putin to destroy US democracy.