Massive Early Vote Lead Gives Democrat The Edge In GOP-Friendly OH-12

Democratic candidate Danny O’Connor took an early lead in Tuesday’s special election in Ohio’s 12th congressional district, riding a wave of support in the early vote.

As Nate Cohn pointed out, O’Connor won the early vote in Franklin County by a massive 80 to 19 point margin.

While it’s still early, MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki pointed out that Trump won nearly twice as much of the early vote in Franklin County just two years ago.

In a race as close as this is shaping up to be, that could be a bad sign as the night progresses. However, given the historical advantage Republicans have in OH-12 and the fact that the early vote was already expected to favor the Democrat, it’s far too early to tell where the race will fall.

Donald Trump won the district by 11 points in 2016. If O’Connor is able to pull off a victory, it would be a devastating blow to Republicans heading into the November midterms.