Trump’s Legal Team Doesn’t Want Him Under Oath For Mueller’s Obstruction Questions


In the latest indication that Donald Trump knows he’s guilty, his legal team plans to tell Robert Mueller that the special counsel can’t put the president under oath for the most important questions regarding possible obstruction of justice.

According to Jonathan Swan of Axios, the president’s team doesn’t want Mueller to ask him questions about former FBI director James Comey’s firing and a private conversation Trump had with Comey about Michael Flynn.

These are two of the most critical questions central to the obstruction case against Trump – and the president’s legal team is terrified of him answering them under oath.


Repeat after me: This is not how innocent people behave

The fact that there is even an ongoing negotiation between Trump, who is being investigated, and Robert Mueller, the man who is investigating him, is further proof that the president knows he is guilty.

In other words, Trump’s guilt is staring us all in the face.

Innocent people aren’t afraid of answering questions. They don’t instigate a tug of war with investigators about what they should and shouldn’t be asked about under oath.

The fact that Rudy Giuliani and the rest of Trump’s legal clown show don’t want the president to answer these questions under oath means one thing: Robert Mueller must force him to answer these questions under oath.