Ari Melber Slams Rudy Giuliani For Lying To Shield Trump From Mueller

MSNBC’s Ari Melber called out an absurd lie that Rudy Giuliani told in what is an increasingly desperate effort to prevent Trump from talking to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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Giuliani said, “If there’s going to be an interview, let’s have it. He’s got all the information he needs. The interview will provide nothing in addition to what he already has. So he can write his report. We have been willing to say here’s the answer he will give and we’ll be stuck with it. And of course the question will be, look, we have an ongoing dialogue with the office of special counsel in a professional manner.”

Melber called out his falsehood, “It went on like that. We try to be as fair as possible here, but what I’m about to say does sound negative about Mr. Giuliani. The fact is he’s a former federal prosecutor. When he claims a prosecutor does not need to interview key subjects of a probe under oath, he knows he’s not telling the truth. He knows that’s absurd, and he knows there must be some other reason they want to shield their client, Donald Trump, from going in and telling the truth about what he did or didn’t do.”

Giuliani’s statement is evidence that he isn’t really giving Trump legal advice. Rudy Giuliani is Trump’s Mueller investigation Kellyanne Conway. Giuliani is making statements that he has to know are false because he is throwing every roadblock imaginable to prevent Trump from doing an interview. To cut to the chase, Trump’s legal team isn’t there to defend him in a judicial sense. They are acting as his PR firm, as the president treats a massive legal problem like a public relations mess.

Ari Melber was right. Rudy Giuliani is lying, and he is lying for the single purpose of trying to protect Trump from Robert Mueller.

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