Rep. Chris Collins Runs From Reporters After Refusing To Resign Over Insider Trading Charges

Rep. Chris Collins stormed off the stage on Wednesday after delivering a weak response to his insider trading charges and refusing to resign his seat in Congress.

“After today, I will not address any issues related to Innate Immunotherapeutics outside of the courtroom,” Collins said, referring to the Australian company at the center of this scandal. “I will remain on the ballot, running for re-election this November.”


Rep. Collins said:

After today, I will not address any issues related to Innate Immunotherapeutics outside of the courtroom. As I fight to clear my name, rest assured, I will continue to work hard for the people and constituents of the 27th congressional district of New York. And I will remain on the ballot running for re-election this November. Have a good night.

Rep. Collins can’t run forever

Rep. Collins may have successfully avoided questions on Wednesday night after giving what was essentially a campaign speech hours after he was arrested – but he won’t be able to hide for long.

The fact that he was arrested and charged so close to an election suggests that investigators believe they have a slam dunk case against him.

Not to mention the fact that, as the Washington Post reported today, “Collins was at a congressional picnic at the White House last year when he learned that Innate Immunotherapeutics, an Australian biotechnology company, had received bad news about an important drug trial. Collins frantically attempted to reach his son, Cameron Collins, whom he tipped off to the confidential corporate information days before it would be made public, according to prosecutors.”

That series of events – Collins receiving the bad news and then frantically calling his son to tip him off – was even caught on tape!

At the end of the day, a five-minute speech isn’t going to save Chris Collins. Dodging the press won’t do him any favors either.

The Republican congressman is about to go down in flames, and he may bring some of his fellow GOP lawmakers with him.