Democrats’ Dreams Are Coming True As GOP Crime Spree Fuels Midterm Wave


The Democratic Party’s dreams are coming true, as they are going to get to run against a crime wave of Trump and Republican corruption.

Jake Sullivan of Politico laid out the GOP crime wave on MSNBC:

Sullivan said:


I mean, we put this pretty plainly in the afternoon edition of Playbook, which is Republicans are giving Democrats something that Democrats have been yearning for, which is a corruption election cycle like they had in 2006. Collins was arrested, took calls about inside stock tips at a white house picnic. A bunch of members of Congress were also invested in this stock, but they have not been implicated. You have this major ProPublica story that talks about how President Trump’s friends were directing VA Policy, although they said they weren’t profiting from it.

Paul Manafort is on trial in Virginia in a very public and very intense trial that doesn’t exactly involve Trump. Listen, Democrats can feasibly make the point, and they are going to, according to the people I talked to, that Republicans are not good stewards of the government and cannot be trusted with the levers of power. And this, again, you mentioned it, Katy, but we are talking about Ohio 12, a district that, as you noted, went for Trump by double digits, 11 points. Republicans should have won this in a walk. These kinds of seats are plus sevens, districts that Republicans win by seven points or more. If Democrats find a way to make these winnable, to put these in play, the majority is gone. If you talk to almost any Republican, they said if they had lost last night, they would have not been able to make a credible argument to donors or to anybody they could keep the majority so they are in a really tough spot. They are trying to figure out where they go when the lights go out.

Democrats are going to run against the swamp that Trump built

Donald Trump didn’t drain the swamp like he promised. Instead, he built a new bigger gold trimmed swamp and hung a Trump sign on the front. Democrats have an opportunity to make a great argument that Republicans are stealing money the taxpayers and giving to themselves and their friends through tax cuts while taking away health care, and making sure that working people can’t get ahead.

Voters hate government corruption, and the Republican Party has followed Trump’s lead and turned itself into a corrupt cesspool. Democrats have been dreaming of this opportunity in a midterm election since 2006.

It is finally here, and a Trump fueled Republican crime spree has open the doors wide open for a blue wave to roll into Congress.

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