Mueller Likely To Subpoena Trump If He Continues To Dodge Interview

Law enforcement sources are saying that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will subpoena Donald Trump if the president continues to dodge an interview with the Special Counsel.

The New York Times reported:
By making another counterproposal after months of promises that they were just weeks away from deciding about an interview, Mr. Trump’s lawyers run the risk that Mr. Mueller could conclude they are negotiating in bad faith to prolong the investigation. In a meeting with Mr. Trump’s lawyers this year, Mr. Mueller threatened to subpoena the president if he did not sit for a voluntary interview.

Law enforcement officials who have worked with Mr. Mueller, a longtime federal prosecutor and the head of the F.B.I. from 2001 to 2013, believe that he will try to use every tool he has to get the president to answer questions and that he will probably subpoena him to testify if he does not agree to be questioned voluntarily.

Mueller is coming for Trump

Trump and his lawyers are betting that Mueller won’t want to have a court fight that he could lose if he tries to subpoena the president, but they are making a big mistake by not calculating the amount of political damage that will be done to Trump and the Republican Party if the president makes Mueller subpoena him. By fighting a subpoena, Trump will distract the entire country and add fuel to the perception that he is guilty.

The easiest way for Donald Trump to make the Mueller investigation go away is for the president to cooperate fully. A subpoena fight with Mueller is likely to take months to resolve and would come as the 2020 presidential campaign was unfolding.

Mueller is coming for Trump either way, but if Trump fights Mueller on the subpoena, he will probably end his presidency and do even more damage to the Republican Party, because innocent people don’t fight subpoenas.

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