NFL Players Refuse To Be Silenced By Trump As Protests During National Anthem Return For Preseason Games

Players around the NFL continued to protest inequalities in the US justice system and police brutality as they refused to be silenced by Donald Trump.

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Three Miami Dolphins protested during the anthem:

According to the Florida Times-Union, several Jacksonville Jaguars did not take the field during the anthem:

Ten New York Giants knelt in unison in the end zone during the playing of the national anthem before their game with the Cleveland Browns according to CNN.

NFL Players Are Not Protesting the National Anthem

Contrary to what Donald Trump tweets, NFL players are not anti-American or protesting the national anthem. The NFL players are protesting police brutality and unequal treatment of people of color in the justice system. The protesters have nothing against the national anthem and are engaging in an activity that defines democracy. They are protesting against policies and the conduct of their government.

What Trump and his empty flag wavers are attempting to define as unpatriotic is one of the greatest acts of patriotism that an American can engage in. As long as the inequality and mistreatment persist, NFL players are going to continue to protest.

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