The Noose Tightens As Robert Mueller Likely Has The NRA’s Tax Returns

The NRA’s problems might be even worse than imagined as legal experts say that Mueller already has their tax returns, according to MSNBC’s Ari Melber.

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Melber said, “On the investigative side, Bob Mueller can subpoena the NRA’s tax records and legal experts tell us it’s highly likely Mueller already has them from at least the years around the election based on the kind of moves he’s been making. So it does go back to the famous phrase follow the money. We also know some of that money was spent as far back as 2013. That’s when NRA leadership jumped at the chance to visit Moscow for a talk about gun policy.”

The NRA’s trip to Russia in 2013 is interesting because according to both intelligence experts, and the Mueller investigation that is around the time that Russia began to put together their operation to divide and disrupt in the United States. The Russian division efforts are different from their election interference although the two did come together in support of Donald Trump in 2016.

The NRA has some huge problems. There is the Maria Butina scandal. They are also under federal investigation for potentially laundering money from Putin to Trump during the 2016 election, and they have become such an insurance risk that they may have to close down NRATV because they can’t get media liability insurance.

If Mueller has their tax returns, that means that he can likely prove the NRA/Russia connection. A group that hid behind the flag and the Second Amendment could be set to be exposed for helping Russia attack the United States of America.

The worst thing ever to happen to the far right was Donald Trump winning the 2016 election.

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