Trump-Aligned GOP Candidate In Florida Caught With A Fake College Diploma


A Republican running for a seat in Florida’s State House has been caught with a degree that’s about as credible as one from Trump University, according to FLA News.

According to the report, GOP House candidate Melissa Howard posed for a picture with a degree from Miami University in Ohio to silence those who accused her of faking her diploma.

The only problem, according to the report, is that the degree is fake. Not only is there no record of her earning the diploma, but the university said they don’t even offer the degree she claims to have received.


More from the report:

According to Miami University, Howard did attend but there is no record of her earning a degree either in 1994, which she initially claimed, or in 1996, which she later claimed.

The degree Howard was holding in the picture contains inconsistencies, according to the university’s general counsel.

Miami University does not offer a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, instead it offers a Bachelor of Science in Business. Howard’s major while attending Miami University was Retailing and if she had graduated would have received a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences.

FLA News added, “Howard removed the diploma pictures from Facebook as her story of earning a Bachelor of Science in Marketing began to unravel.”

Howard shares key Trump policy positions

A look at Melissa Howard’s campaign website shows that she has more flaws than pushing a fake college education. She has also fully embraced key policies in the dangerous Trump agenda.

Some of her campaign priorities include “Second Amendment rights” (aka guns anywhere and everywhere) and working to “ban sanctuary cities or amnesty for illegal aliens” (aka immigrants are the enemy).

With or without a college degree, it’s clear: Melissa Howard as no business being a member of any level of U.S. government.