Retiring GOP Congressman’s Son Donates The Max To Democrats To Flip His Dad’s Seat

Bobby Goodlatte, the son of retiring Rep. Robert Goodlatte (R-VA) announced that he donated the maximum to the Democratic candidate who is trying to flip what will be his dad’s former seat.

Bobby Goodlatte tweeted:

The younger Goodlatte also tweeted that it wasn’t an easy decision to donate to the Democrat who is trying to flip the seat that his dad has held since 1993. His donation shows the urgency that many Americans feel the need to put a check on Donald Trump. Republicans are trying to make this election about immigrants, or Nancy Pelosi, or witch hunts, but Goodlatte’s donation and mobilization of others to donate shows that the one issue on the ballot for many voters is Donald Trump.

When children are donating against the party that their father served at the federal level for 25 years, something big is happening in the country. Trump’s Republican Party has pushed away women, moderates, fiscal conservatives, and young voters. Trump’s GOP is a faction that is about to be overthrown by a majority riding a blue wave in November.

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