White Nationalist Rally Flops As Only Two Dozen Racists Show Up Outside Of White House

The planned white nationalist rally outside the White House has flopped as few dozen racists have been dwarfed by thousands of anti-racism counterprotesters in Washington DC.


Here is the entire Unite The Right rally crowd:

The small alt-right crowd had planned to make a big display of coming into the Metro station to take the train, but most of them had to stop at the machines and buy Metro before they could use the public transportation system.

The rally turnout is bad news for Trump

The white supremacists and racists of the country are a key part of Trump’s constituency. The president has refused to condemn the racism of the far right while doing everything that he can to inflame racial division in the United States. Trump needs to divide America because his presidency is governing to a faction, not the entire country.

The racists say that they were too scared to come out for the rally:

What frightened them was thousands of people coming together to send the message that their bigotry and hate will not be tolerated:

A Republican Party and a president who are relying on division and hate to win were sent a strong message that their tactics are destined to fail.

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