Shameful Trump Snubs Ailing War Hero John McCain While Signing Defense Bill


Donald Trump further demonstrated his lack of shame on Monday by never once mentioning Sen. John McCain at a signing ceremony for a bill named after the Arizona Republican.

When the president signed the National Defense Authorization Act, named after McCain, he didn’t offer his gratitude or even mention the Republican senator by name.

More from CNN:

“We would not be here for today’s signing ceremony without the dedicated efforts without the dedicated members of Congress who worked so hard to pass the National Defense Authorization Act,” said Trump while thanking service members and military leadership.

However, he did mention Rep. Elise Stefanik, who spoke briefly and represents the district containing Fort Drum, as well as Don Baker, Dan Donovan, Joe Wilson, and Martha McSally.

Trump has no problem attacking the ailing Senator


While Trump seemingly went out of his way to avoid mentioning McCain at the bill signing in Fort Drum, New York, he has had no trouble attacking him in the past – even if it’s indirectly.

As CNN also pointed out on Monday, Trump has taken veiled shots at the war hero on the campaign trail in recent weeks, often zeroing in on McCain’s no vote on a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

During the campaign, Trump infamously attacked McCain’s heroic service in Vietnam by saying he is “not a war hero,” citing his capture. It should be noted that Trump was not captured in Vietnam – because he dodged the draft five times.

Ultimately, it’s no surprise to see this president snub somebody in such a shameless way. It’s textbook Donald Trump.

At the end of the day, if you don’t love and worship Donald Trump the way he loves and worships himself – even if you’re a war hero fighting brain cancer – then he cannot help but throw a tantrum.