Miller’s Uncle: ‘Dozens of Family Members Encouraged Me’ to Trash My Nephew

Yesterday the uncle of White House adviser Stephen Miller said his nephew and President Donald Trump are using Nazi-style tactics to “dehumanize immigrants and minorities.”

Dr. David Glosser denounced his nephew and the president as hypocritical bigots in an essay for POLITICO, describing how the families of both Miller and Trump had benefited from immigration policies they want to end.

“I have watched with dismay and increasing horror as my nephew, who is an educated man and well aware of his heritage, has become the architect of immigration policies that repudiate the very foundation of our family’s life in this country,” Glosser wrote.

Glosser then went on CNN Tuesday morning to explain why he wrote the brutally honest POLITICO editorial attacking his own nephew.

“Stephen Miller’s uncle David Glosser says “inexcusable cruelty” of family separation spurred his public repudiation of his nephew: “Various members of the family…thought I could no longer remain…a quiet voice on the subject in light of the incarceration of all these children”

In his interview with CNN, Glosser said he was ashamed of Miller for disregarding the truth of his own family history. He said that his entire family could easily have been killed by the Nazis if the United States had not changed its immigration laws to allow them to emigrate from Europe as refugees.

“If my ancestors had not immigrated to the United States when they did, if they waited a few more years until 1924, the door would have been shut,” Glosser said. “My parents would have gone up the crematory chimney. I wouldn’t have been born. My sister wouldn’t have been born and certainly Stephen would never have existed.”

CNN host John Berman then asked Glosser if his published comments had created any conflict within the family. Glosser replied that some family members were supportive and some were upset, but he wouldn’t get into specifics in the interest of family privacy.

He did say, however, that he had much support from members of his family who, like him, were very well aware that if not for the United States welcoming their ancestors they would not be alive.

“I have a huge family,” he said. “I wouldn’t offer to speak for my entire family, but dozens of family members encouraged me to push forward with this.”

Unfortunately, he also said that he believes that his notorious and highly criticized nephew will not change his views on immigration any time soon.

“It appears he made his entire political and personal career on this single issue for reasons that I don’t really know,” Glosser  said.