Omarosa Says Trump Knew About Russian Hacked Clinton Emails Before They Were Leaked

Omarosa said that Trump knew in advance about the emails that Russia stole from the Clinton campaign before they were leaked.



Katy Tur: You say corruption, but do you mean coordination and anything that Robert Mueller would be interested in whether Donald Trump is coordinating with Russia or that he knew about the e-mails in the campaign or that sort of thing?

Omarosa: I think that he should come clean with the American people, and he should be honest with what he did in the campaign and what he continued to do in the White House.

Tur: And you were instructed according to the book to bring up the e-mails at every point you could at the end of the 2016 campaign. Hillary Clinton’s e-mails?
Omarosa: Yes, that was our talker.

Tur: Did Donald Trump know about the e-mails before they came out?

Omarosa: Absolutely.

Tur: He knew about them?

Omarosa: Absolutely.

Tur: He knew about them before Wikileaks released them?

Omarosa: Yes.

Tur: You are saying that he had a backchannel?

Omarosa: You said that, and I didn’t. I will expose the corruption in the white house, and I will continue to blow the whistle about it.

Omarosa is not the most credible witness, but everyone who Trump surrounded himself with has credibility problems. Trump hired far from the best people. The tapes will prove whether or not Omarosa is telling the truth. However, the overwhelming circumstantial evidence suggests that Trump did know about the Russian hacked Clinton campaign emails in advance. What Omarosa is getting at is Trump illegally conspiring with a hostile foreign power to win a presidential election.

If Omarosa has Trump on tape talking about Russia or the emails, it will be another nail in this president’s political coffin. The White House is flipping out over Omarosa for a reason, and it would be the most Trump thing ever if his presidency were brought down by a former reality television show contestant.

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