Sarah Sanders Laughably Claims That Trump’s Attacks On Black People Have Nothing To Do With Race

Sarah Sanders claimed that Trump’s attacks on African-Americans have nothing to do with race, even though the president consistently compares minorities to rapists and animals.



Q: What do you say to critics with the attacks of Omarosa as part of a pattern to insult African-Americans like Don Lemon and Maxine Waters and NFL players who he claims don’t know what they are protesting?

Sanders: This president has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the president calling out someone’s lack of integrity. The idea that you would only point a few of the things that the president has said negatively about people that are minorities, the fact is the president is an equal opportunity person that calls things like he sees it. He always fights fire with fire and doesn’t hold back on doing that across the board.

Sarah Sanders pulled out the classic excuse that has been used by racists throughout history that they are “telling it like it is.” Of course, these people don’t really know what it is. They are disguising their opinion as fact and telling it like it is an excuse for being a racist jerk. Trump doesn’t compare white men to rapists and animals.

To Trump all Hispanics are criminals, and African-Americans are animals. Trump has attacked successful African-Americans in every aspect of American culture, so for Sarah Sanders to claim that his attacks are not about race is laughable. Trump has attacked every prominent African-American from Obama to Lebron James from Oprah to Omarosa.

His attacks aren’t an accident. They are part of an intentional strategy to divide America along racial lines. These racial divisions are more than callous politics. They are something that Donald Trump has expressed a belief in for his entire life.

Sarah Sanders should be laughed out of the country for trying to claim with a straight face that Trump’s attacks are not race-based.

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