Sen. Claire McCaskill Tied In Missouri As Medical Marijuana And Minimum Wage Look Good For Democrats


Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is hanging tough in the face of an onslaught of Republican dark money in Missouri, but a positive sign for Democrats is the wide support voters have for medical marijuana and raising the minimum wage.

The poll done for Missouri Scout finds Sen. McCaskill and Republican candidate Josh Hawley tied at 47%-47% with 6% undecided. Democrats should feel encouraged by the underlying direction in which the state’s voters are going. Voters overwhelmingly support legalizing medical marijuana 54%-35%, and they support raising the state’s minimum wage from $8.60 to $12.00/hour by an even bigger margin of 60%-28%.

McCaskill is in a tough reelection fight. She has been a target of both Trump and the Russians, as the Russians have already tried to hack her campaign, while the president held an illegal rally for Hawley on the taxpayer’s dime.

Claire McCaskill always seems to be in a tough reelection contest in Missouri, but with the Russians and Trump working against her, it is incredible that her race is tied in a state that Trump won by 18 points in 2016.


Republicans thought that McCaskill’s seat, along with several other red state Senate Democrats, was going to be an easy pick up for them, but Democrats are fighting hard, and with a little bit of a nudge from Democrats, Sen. McCaskill may do what seemed unimaginable two years ago and win another term.

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