Boston Globe Receives Bomb Threat After Trump Attacked The Paper On Twitter

Not long after Donald Trump attacked the Boston Globe on his Twitter account on Thursday, the newspaper received a bomb threat that forced them to step up security.

According to Boston 7 News, “There is an increased police presence at The Boston Globe’s headquarters after a bomb threat was made against the newspaper Thursday in wake of a tweet that was sent out by President Trump, officials said.”

Luckily, the news agency reports that the threat against the newspaper is not “super serious,” but that isn’t stopping the FBI from looking into it.

The president sent out this tweet Thursday morning after the Globe and hundreds of other newspapers defended the free press in a series of editorials:

Somebody is going to get hurt

The entire rationale for Thursday’s push by newspapers all across the country was to defend the free press from the dangerous attacks being lobbed against them by the president of the United States.

Instead of celebrating journalism, even if he doesn’t always like the reporting, this weak and insecure president again went on the attack – and just hours later, one of America’s leading newspapers received a bomb threat.

As Trump’s presidency continues to be buried in scandal and legal trouble, the White House has stepped up its attacks on the free press. At his rallies and on social media, Trump has talked about the media in disgusting and dangerous terms.

It’s only a matter of time before somebody gets hurt, and when that happens, the president of the United States will be directly responsible.