Former Fox News Analyst Rips Trump For Un-American Actions

Former Fox News analyst, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, called Trump’s revoking of national security clearances un-American and explained why Trump’s actions pose a dangerous threat to our country.


Peters was asked by Ari Melber why Trump’s actions are dangerous.

He answered, “Because it’s un-American. This is not how we do things. It’s been said before that this is banana republic behavior which is an insult to banana republics. In the United States of America, we close ranks when it comes to national security. And it’s not merely a matter of keeping these people — giving them continued security clearances so that they can give us advice. But in the case of a national catastrophe, a nuclear attack on Washington, you’ve also got this “B” team ready to help out. It goes on and on. But the bottom line is this, we’ve gotten to the point where the only thing we’re worried about is, is it illegal? It’s not illegal. The president can do this. But it’s profoundly unethical and morally wrong. While a government has never been an ethical paradise, the depth to which this administration has sunk has exemplified by this behavior is literally immeasurable.”

Donald Trump is making America less safe as he tries to cover his tracks in the Russia scandal. Trump doesn’t care about national security or the value of having experts available who can help during a crisis. Donald Trump thinks that he is the expert on everything and that he doesn’t need the opinion of anyone else. Peters was right. A key public policy consequence is that there won’t be as many experts available to respond to a crisis, and it is a guarantee that at some point the Trump administration will have to respond to a crisis.

Trump is creating a danger to America’s future all because he is desperate to hide the potential crimes that he committed during the 2016 election. Dangerous doesn’t even begin to describe that the threat that the man in the Oval Office poses to the well being of every single American.

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