Trump Claims That His Supporters Are A Protected Class That Is Being Discriminated Against

Trump thinks that his supporters are a protected class who are being discriminated against on social media.

Trump tweeted:

Trump supporters are not being discriminated against

Some Trump supporters like Alex Jones traffic in conspiracy theories and racism and those people are kicked off of social media networks because their hate speech violates the terms of service of these platforms. All anyone has to do is spend five minutes on Twitter, Facebook, or any other platform to know that Trump supporters are not only allowed to post, but they are alive and well on social media.

Trump is feeding right’s paranoia about media bias

Trump knows his audience. His tweets about discrimination on social media are some of his most liked content of the last few days. The secret to Trump’s popularity within his party isn’t his policies or his behavior. It is that he knows how to feed their grievances and stoke their fear and paranoia. Trump’s tweets weren’t about imagined inequality in social media. He was trying to whip up his supporters before the midterm election.

Trump has seen his own Twitter account fail to control the media coverage

Trump and his team came into the White House under the belief that Trump’s Twitter account was this all-powerful platform that could control the media’s coverage. Eventually, the media figured out that Trump’s tweets weren’t worth the breaking news treatment and most outlets began to ignore him, or give the tweets a passing mention. Trump has flopped on social media, so now he is crying discrimination.

Being a white male Republican is not a protected class, so social media is not discriminating against Trump and supporters. What is happening is that more social platforms are taking a stand against the hate speech against real protected classes that some Trump supporters are engaging in.

Decency is pushing back, and that is why Trump is complaining about censorship and discrimination.

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