57 House And Senate And House Republicans Were Asked To Talk About Trump And Race, But Only 3 Agreed

The Washington Post asked 57 Senate and House Republicans for an interview to discuss Trump and race, and only three agreed to speak to them.

According to The Washington Post:

The Washington Post reached out to all 51 Republican senators and six House Republican leaders asking them to participate in a brief interview about Trump and race. Only three senators agreed to participate: Jeff Flake of Arizona, David Perdue of Georgia and Tim Scott of South Carolina, the only black Republican in the Senate.


Six other lawmakers granted impromptu interviews when approached in the Capitol, although most declined to be specific about whether they were uncomfortable with any of Trump’s statements on race. One exception was Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, another Trump critic who is leaving Congress in January.

“It’s a formula that I think they think works for them, as it relates to winning,” Corker said, referring to the use of divisive racial issues by Trump and his advisers. “I think that’s their kind of governing. I think that’s how they think they stay in power, is to divide.”

Republicans are enabling Trump by not calling out his racism

Of the three Senators who agreed to be interviewed, Jeff Flake is leaving the Senate, and Tim Scott is the only African-American Republican in the Senate. Out of the 48 other white men and women in the Republican Senate majority, only one, David Perdue of Georgia, was willing to talk about Trump and race. Several Republicans tried to walk the tightrope by claiming that they disagreed with Trump’s racist language, but don’t think that Trump is a racist.

Republican fear has led to a refusal to check this president, but some of their most morally disgraceful behavior has involved their unwillingness to speak out against Trump’s politics of racial division.

The Republican Party has gone from a big tent to a white hood, and the members of Trump’s own party lack the backbone to stop him.

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