Trump’s Mental Health is Worsening: ‘Pray For Our Country’

The mental stability of the President of the United States has come to the forefront of the issues which must be discussed and addressed by the American people.

This morning MSNBC host Joe Scarborough once again raised the issue which urgently needs attention right now by tweeting:

“Anyone who has known Trump for years, and doesn’t have a stake in his political career or the GOP, says the same. He is unwell and has been getting progressively worse over the past 18 months.”

Scarborough had retweeted this tweet from Peter Wehner, a New York Times writer and former adviser in the Bush White House, who along with so many others believe Trump is “psychologically unwell” and has a mental condition which is “clearly worsening.” Wehner wrote:

“Mr. Trump was emotionally/psychologically unwell when he became president. His condition is clearly worsening. He’s becoming more volatile, erratic and unstable. At some point he’s going to blow apart. When he does it’ll create a crisis. This won’t end well. Pray for our country.”

Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former White House aide, made many shocking claims about President Donald Trump in her new book, but probably the most important one is that she believes the president to be a man in “mental decline.”  According to Omarosa Trump would “forget from one day to the next.”

In her book Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House, she wrote:

“He was distracted, irritable, and short. I was going over his speech, but he couldn’t retain any of the bullet points. I went over them again and again, and what he should say to the press after the event. But he couldn’t remember the key points and stumbled over the large words, which we scratched out and replaced with simpler terms.”

Omarosa’s book should bring more attention to the president’s mental health, an issue which threatens the safety of the country and the entire world.

Today’s tweet is not the first time Joe Scarborough expressed his concerns over Trump’s mental stability either. Just last Wednesday his panel on Morning Joe discussed this very topic and Joe concluded “the guy’s not right.”

This issue is taking on greater importance as Trump continues to make irrational moves that seem both desperate and designed to consolidate his power. In recent weeks he has been behaving in ways that are contrary to the U.S. Constitution’s structure of separation of powers. He has also been trying to punish his critics for speaking out against him by taking away their First Amendment rights.

The more Trump is threatened by impending legal actions the more extreme his actions become. It is imperative that this risk be analyzed and addressed. As a nation we cannot afford to keep ignoring the obvious signs of mental breakdown on the part of our president.

We need a Congress that is willing to take action. And in order for that to happen we need a new party in power after the November elections.