Trump Pouts And Begs John Brennan To Sue Him

In a Monday “executive time” Twitter rant at the White House, Donald Trump begged John Brennan to sue him and expressed the mistaken belief that having a security clearance is worth big money.

Trump tweeted:

A Security Clearance Is Not Worth Big Dollars

Trump seems to believe that a security clearance is a license to print money, but as Huffington Post reported, that is not the case, “Security clearances give job applicants a financial advantage over uncleared colleagues that likely amounts to thousands of dollars a year. Employees in the Washington area with security clearance make 5 percent to 15 percent higher salaries for the same job as someone without clearance, according to a 2017 survey of human resource departments by the Human Resource Association of the National Capital Area.”

A security clearance is worth a small bump in pay, so John Brennan and the other national security experts who are standing in opposition to this president aren’t doing so out of concern for their own financial well being.

Trump may get his wish on a John Brennan lawsuit

John Brennan appears to have a solid argument that Trump didn’t follow the correct procedure when revoking Brennan’s security clearance. The odds are that if Trump is sued, a federal judge will grant an injunction to temporarily prohibit the president from revoking more security clearances. Trump is trying to use Brennan to discredit the Mueller investigation, but all he is accomplishing is shining a light on how far he is willing to go to keep the facts from the American people.

Trump is in trouble and tweeting about John Brennan isn’t the solution to his problems.

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