Former Congresswoman: The Noose Is Tightening And Trump Is In Real Trouble

Former congresswoman and attorney Liz Holtzman said that the double whammy of the Manafort verdict and the Cohen cooperation means that the noose is tightening and Donald Trump is heavy duty trouble.


Holtzman said, “The president took an oath of office and that oath of office requires him to take care that the laws are faithfully executed. That means the criminal laws and civil laws. There is nothing that allows the president to determine the investigation of him, for him to pick his own prosecutor and pick his own investigator and pick his judge, pick his jury and make himself innocent. That’s not the rule of law that we have. For him to say that shows that he has not the slightest inkling of what our constitution requires and what our democracy is. It’s very dangerous. Because, obviously, they’re getting so desperate. The noose is tightening. If Manafort gets convicted if Cohen engages in a cooperation agreement. Donald Trump is in real, real trouble. Heavy duty trouble. Deepwater potential criminal trouble.”

Most Americans have been waiting for these moments to arrive since Trump took office. None of this is a surprise. There were loud whispers about Trump and Russia before he became the Republican nominee. As a candidate, Trump refused to release his tax returns or provide detailed information about his international business dealings. Trump even refused to release his medical records.

Trump refused to separate himself from his businesses and even ran his presidential campaign through his business. The man is a walking conflict of interest. Donald Trump set himself up to the most scandal-plagued president in history. It may seem to most like the Trump administration has been dragging on for 20 years, but it has been less than two.

Trump’s history is already catching up to him and as former Rep. Holtzman said, he is in potential criminal trouble.

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