Paul Manafort Convicted of 8 Counts Of Tax and Bank Fraud

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has been convicted of eight counts of tax and bank fraud plus not filing a foreign bank account.


NBC News’ Ken Dilanian reported, “I’m being told the jury has reached a verdict in eight of the 18 counts. That’s about all I know. We just found out that the jury submitted a note to the judge. The jury was called into the courtroom. We have producers in the program right now. And the word came out that the jury has reached a verdict in 8 of the 18 counts. So recall earlier today they sent a note wondering what they should do if they were deadlocked on particular counts and how they should fill out the verdict form. So this suggests they may be deadlocked on 10 counts and reached a verdict on 8. And it’s not clear to me whether we’re going to find out the outcome, or whether he will send the jury back to deliberate further.”

The Jury Is Working Toward A Verdict In The Paul Manafort Trial

The Manafort trial is an extremely complicated case that was made even more cumbersome by the judge’s decision not to let the prosecution publish all of the evidence to the jury as it was introduced. This means that the jury is having to go back through a mountain of documents and work their way through each count one by one. This news doesn’t necessarily mean that the jury won’t reach a verdict on the other counts, but that they are less than halfway through reaching a verdict on all of the charges. It looks less likely that there will be a Manafort verdict today, but the end is approaching.

UPDATE: Paul Manafort has been convicted of 8 counts of tax fraud.

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