It Is 100% Certain That Michael Cohen Is Going To Provide Damaging Info On Trump Crimes

Michael Avenatti told MSNBC that it is a one hundred percent certainty that Michael Cohen is going to provide prosecutors with damaging information on Trump crimes.


Transcript of Avenatti on MSNBC:

Michael Avenatti: Well, I’m not surprised by the news. The only thing I’m surprised about is that it took this long. I think for the first time on MSNBC back in April I stated that ultimately he was going to be charged and roll over on the president and I’m going to maintain that position. I think the likelihood — well, I know the likelihood of him providing information damaging about the president is 100%.

Steve Kornacki: How do you know that the likelihood is 100%?

Avenatti: Because I’ve been active in connection with the case on behalf of my client. I’ve been active in communicating with people in law enforcement. There’s no question that he’s going to be providing and has provided information that’s damaging to the president.

Kornacki: Information of what nature? How specific? What would you know there in terms of what the information would be?

Avenatti: Information relating to financial dealings that had gone on between him and the president during the 10 to 12-year time period for which Michael Cohen served as the president’s personal counsel. Of all the people that the president should have showed loyalty to beyond Vladimir Putin, Michael Cohen should have been second on the list. Some would have argued that he should have been first on the list. You don’t put a guy that has your innermost secrets on an island and treat him the way that Donald Trump has treated Michael Cohen and ultimately it’s going to come back and bite him.

Kornacki: I’m trying to make sense here. Are you saying that the information would be related to this hush money payment, the potential there for a campaign finance violation? Are you saying that information will be related to something

Avenatti: No, it’s broader than that but includes it.

Michael Cohen knows about Trump’s crimes

Avenatti has had a strong track record of being correct when it comes to Trump and Cohen. Michael Avenatti has said from day one that Cohen would flip on Trump and that he has highly damaging information on the president. Unlike you and I, Michael Avenatti has actually seen the evidence. He knows at least some of what prosecutors have, and what they are likely to get from Cohen is details on more than a decade of international financial crimes.

While the rest of the country is looking at Robert Mueller, Michael Cohen is the man who the White House most fears.

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