MSNBC Makes America Great Again By Refusing To Air Trump Campaign Rally


Both CNN and MSNBC have refused to give Trump a platform to rant, but MSNBC went beyond CNN by not airing any part of Trump’s West Virginia campaign rally.

As Trump ranted in West Virginia with doozies like this:


Trump said, “So this November you can either vote for the party that says, America was never great — that’s going to be their theme now, America was never great. They copied mine, promises made, promises kept. Let’s give them a new theme. “America was never great.” That’s America’s the Democrats a new theme.”
MSNBC was covering the news of the day. The network had wall to wall coverage of Paul Manafort’s conviction, and Michael Cohen’s plea deal.

CNN mentioned the Trump rally and showed video, with Jim Acosta talking over it, so that Trump’s message of division and propaganda did not reach their audience.

Even on a day which history may look back on as the turning point in the demise of the Trump presidency, two of the nation’s three cable news networks refused to give Trump the platform that he needed to try to change the news of the day. The press has figured out that Donald Trump is not newsworthy. Almost everything that he says is not true, and showing his rallies and events exposes their viewers to falsehoods and lies.

The media free ride is over for Trump, which is why his polling numbers will never rise. The free press is protecting the country by refusing to give Trump’s lie-filled presidency the oxygen that it needs to spread propaganda and half-truths to a majority of a nation that is ready to toss Trump out.

In the face of an unrelenting assault from the White House, MSNBC is standing up for facts by saying no to Trump’s propaganda rallies.

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