Omarosa Says Trump Asked Cohen To Protect Him From Melania

Trump’s bad day gets even worse as Omarosa dropped a new tape and told Chris Matthews that Trump asked Michael Cohen to protect him from his wife.


After playing the tape of Cohen aboard Trump’s campaign plane in September 2016, Chris Matthews asked Omarosa, “Do you know the president told him to lie for the purpose of paying off those women that it was really a campaign contribution?”

Omarosa answered, “I can’t say if he asked him to lie, but he certainly asked him to protect Donald Trump, to protect him from his wife and the country and help him get elected.”

Trump asked Michael Cohen To Protect Him From His Wife

Omarosa brought up an interesting point. Trump wasn’t just using Cohen to win an election. He was also trying to protect himself from his wife finding out about his affairs. Trump likes to pretend like he is a strong man, but a real strong man would never cheat on his wife. Only a truly weak and insecure man would cheat like Trump has and then go to the lengths that he did to cover it up.

Michael Cohen is going to jail in part because Donald Trump is afraid of his wife and too immature to face the consequences of his own actions. Trump tried to hide his affairs from his wife and the entire country, and resulting criminal conspiracy could run him out of office and send him to prison.

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