Democratic Senator Says That Trump Can Be Indicted For Crimes

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said that Donald Trump is indictable for his potential crimes, but that the criminal proceeding may have to be postponed until after he leaves office.


Blumenthal said on The Beat with Ari Melber, “What that means is that the President Of The United States is potentially indictable. Right now, he has been named as an unindicted co-conspirator which means there is credible and significant evidence against him in connection with the crimes committed by Michael Cohen in those last two, seven and eight counts. If he was anything except the President Of The United States he would be under indictment now. No constitutional bar of the president of the United States being indicted. There is a serious legal question about whether it can be done and I would be in favor of postponing the trial. But indictment should be done as a potential remedy. And we need to allow the special counsel to proceed without political interference or intimidation.”

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Trump can’t be tried while president, but he could potentially be indicted

The legal remedy for presidential crimes, according to the Constitution is impeachment, so a sitting president can’t be tried while in office, but a president could be indicted and have the criminal trial postponed until after he or she left office. There is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits a presidential indictment. This relates to Brett Kavanaugh because Trump’s Supreme Court nominee believes that a sitting president can’t be investigated or indicted.

An indictment of Trump would end his presidency, and if he chose to run for reelection, it would take both he and Vice President Pence down. Trump is in deep, and if the American people want to see justice done, they need to stand with Democrats in using every tool to block Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

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