Education Groups Sue Betsy DeVos For Not Protecting Students

The National Education Associaton and the California Teachers Association are suing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education after they moved to delay rules that protect students who are studying in online programs.

NEA President Lily Eskelsen García said in a statement, “It’s shocking but not at all surprising that the Department of Education would roll back student protections because this latest brazen attack on student rights is consistent with everything we have seen from the Trump administration and Secretary Betsy DeVos. Without these rules, current and prospective students will remain in the dark. Students will be denied critical information about which programs are right for them and which would be a waste of their time and money.”

CTA President Eric Heins added, “Betsy DeVos’ latest move that removes students’ protections from predatory online universities is a direct attack on our students and their future. The common-sense disclosures help prospective and enrolled students evaluate the legitimacy of online programs and the institution that offers them. Without them, students like Stephanie Portilla could end up saddled with debt and stuck with a worthless degree they can’t use.”

A Con Man President Is Using His Administration To Help Scammers Rip Off Students

Cracking down on diploma mills that rip off students by taking them money and providing them worthless degrees was a priority of the Obama administration. President Obama believed in education as the ladder or opportunity. Under Trump, that ladder has been set on fire, and scammers have been given the green light to make sure that students end up buried in debt with no path to greater opportunity.

Betsy DeVos is a walking symbol of the corruption of the Trump administration. She knows nothing about education and doesn’t care about students.

Every single day that this administration remains in office, they are damaging the country and making life harder for millions of Americans.

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