CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tells Kellyanne Conway To Go On Fox If She Wants To Lie

As Kellyanne Conway was lying about Trump’s response to the opioid crisis, CNN’s Chris Cuomo told her to go on Fox News if she wants to lie.


Conway claimed that Trump was breaking the back of the opioid crisis.

Cuomo responded, “He’s not breaking the back the opioid crisis. It’s terrible. We both know it is. It’s spreading. Trump’s trying to address it, and I respect that, but I can’t let you say things that aren’t true. That’s not what this show’s about. That’s Fox. Go to Fox for that.

Conway tried to take a dig at Cuomo’s ratings, “Okay, I’m so glad you mentioned Fox because none of you are able to get through most of your shows without talking about them.”

Cuomo responded with a bitingly accurate criticism of Fox News, “I almost never mention Fox News. I’m jealous of the opportunities they get to test power. They just don’t take them. That’s what I’m jealous of.”

If Chris Cuomo’s ratings are so bad, why was Kellyanne Conway on his show?

Notice that when Kellyanne Conway gets caught in a lie, her go-to move is to attack the questioner.

Cuomo was correct. Trump declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency and then didn’t fund a response. Opioid deaths have been increasing during the Trump presidency. Trump’s response has been for show with no solid policy behind it.

If Kellyanne Conway wants to lie, she can go on Fox News, but to answer the question above, Conway goes on CNN because it allows her to appease her audience of one. Trump likes it when he sees people from his administration defending him on television. It is all a big show. Kellyanne Conway knows that she is lying, but she goes on television and picks fights because it makes Donald Trump happy.

Conway should go on Fox, but she won’t because that doesn’t entertain Donald Trump.

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