Michael Cohen Prosecutors Look To Be Building A Case Against Donald Trump

Katy Tur reported that Trump is a notorious micromanager who signs all of the Trump Organization’s invoices and checks, which suggests that the Trump Organization executive that prosecutors are looking at is Donald Trump.


Tur said, “I have been making calls today trying to figure out how money was paid out in the Trump Organization. I talked to two folks who worked for the Trump Organization. One told me that when they needed to be reimbursed for an expense, Donald Trump had to sign that invoice. That person had to go to Donald Trump’s office, explain what it was and get Donald Trump to sign it before they went to Allen Weisenberger to get paid out. Both people said that Donald Trump was a huge micromanager when it came to the finances, that he knew about everything leaving the Trump Organization, that he personally signed checks. There was no auto sign. He knew all of it.”

If Trump was this heavily involved in the finances of the Trump Organization, it makes sense that after pleading out Trump’s personal attorney and giving immunity to the organization’s CFO, the person that prosecutors are building a case against is the President Of The United States.

Trump Never Separated Himself From The Trump Organization

When Trump took office, he didn’t separate himself from his private businesses. At the time, this was criticized for being a conflict of interest, but it presents an epic legal problem for the president today. Since Trump is still legally involved with the Trump Organization, it would be possible for prosecutors to indict the company, not the president.

An indictment of the Trump Organization would essentially be an indictment of Trump that would avoid the constitutional question of whether or not a sitting president can be indicted.

Trump set himself up for prosecution by choosing the path of corruption and greed. Trump has opened the door for prosecutors to take down the Trump Organization, and a sitting president at the same time.

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