Michael Avenatti: The World Is Crumbling Around Trump And His Criminal Enterprise

Michael Aventatti responded to the grant of immunity to Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg by saying that the world is crumbling around Donald Trump and his criminal enterprise.


Avenatti was asked by MSNBC’s Ali Velshi was what the grant of immunity to Allen Weisselberg means to his case.

He answered, “Well, this is another domino to fall in this process. And you know, with each passing 24 hour period, we’re seeing more and more dominos begin to and the world around Donald Trump and his criminal enterprise crumbling frankly. There is no question that this is going to further our case. Our case has come a long way in the last week. We always believed that it was very strong. But there is little question at this point how strong it is. And I think all of these developments are very positive for us and very negative for Donald Trump.”

Trump’s World Is Crumbling

Trump’s closest friends and associates are turning on him left and right. A man who demanded loyalty from others but never gave any is getting a taste of his own medicine as those who Trump chose to surround himself with are saving their own skins with plea and immunity deals.

Weisselberg is a long-time Trump family insider. Combined with Michael Cohen, he knows all about the corruption of the Trump Organization, and together they know where all of the financial bodies are buried.

Allen Weisselberg has the info that could send the Trump family to prison

This is bigger than Trump himself. The Trump Organization board is the president and his children. If the Trump Organization gets indicted, it could mean state-level felony charges for President Trump, his daughter Ivanka, and sons Donald Jr., and Eric. Allen Weisselberg, the CFO, has all of the financial information on the organization.

Donald Trump’s family crime wave is coming to an end and the presidency is the only thing saving him from prison.

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