Trump Is Under At Least 4 Different Lines Of Criminal And Civil Investigation

It isn’t just the Mueller investigation. There are at least four different lines of criminal and civil investigation into Donald Trump.


Hayes explained:

Until very recently we all focused on the office of the special counsel Robert Mueller and the investigation of Russia interference in the 2016 election. That’s already led to indictments or plea deals involving Michael Flynn, Paul manafort, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos, a dozen Russian intelligence officers, more than a dozen Russian nationals, and three Russian companies. Along the way, Mueller also referred the matter of Michael Cohen to the southern district of New York since Cohen’s crimes didn’t appear to come under the umbrella of Mueller’s Russia investigation.

But just look what that now has led to. Not only to Michael Cohen pleading guilty to eight felony counts but to a criminal investigation which may implicate both the Trump Organization and certain unnamed executives who aided in the illegal hush money scheme. That also led to a grant of immunity to “National Enquirer” publisher David Pecker and to Trump Organization CFO Allen Weissberg. Meanwhile, the state of New York started its own line of inquiry. They filed a civil suit against the Trump Foundation as well as referring its findings to both the IRS and the FEC, which may or may not act on the information. And now we know the Manhattan D.A. Is also eyeing the trump all this raises the question, how likely is it that one or more of these lines of criminal and civil investigation will lead back to the man at the top, Donald Trump?

There are four different investigations into Trump right now with the potential to expand to six, and this does not include congressional investigations. If Democrats win back Congress, there could easily be 3-5 Congressional investigations into Donald Trump. There could be as many as an unfathomable 9-13 investigations into Trump going on at the same time.

Trump likes to claim that the Russia investigation is a witch hunt, but in reality what is unfolding is a manhunt for the felony implicated criminal who is occupying the Oval Office.

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